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about fastening and hardware

Do know what kinds of nails there are?

Articles about fastening and hardware.

Briefly about hardware products, which we produce.
Where did the words hardware, nails, wire, screw, rivet, rabitz come from and how did they get their names.

From the history of nail
From time immemorial , nails have been used by humanity. Wood, primordially, was the raw material for their production. People hadn't assimilated rare and expensive metal at that time. The man did not have the technology and tools for metal working.

This is interesting. The sacred nails of Etruscans.
American archaeologists working in Tuskany announced about the discovery of historic importance - they succeeded in dugging out the sanctuary of Etruscans, predecessors of Roman civilization. Among the findings are ten separate sacred iron nails.

Symbols, signs, emblems
You will unlikely find even one country, civilized or not civilized, where usages, superstitions, rites, fortune-telling,cure were not being practiced in one or another form with the use of a nail.

Gold nail
Edifying, a fair- tale about a golden nail and blacksmith who hammered out his happiness.

Do know what kinds of nails there are?
Modes and sorts of nails, and where to use which nail . Means of driving nails, the method of a blind-nailed connection, the method of extracting nails.

Councils with the use of nails and screws
24 councils and means how to nail or twist in a screw in almost inaccessible places or under difficult conditions.

How to spike
Do you know all about driving nails? There are so many nailheads : smooth, with furrows. There are tens of types of nails. Where will it hold the construction? And where will it be eaten by rust? The fastening of nails is frequently considered to be unserviceable and weak bonding technique . But it is easy to make this connection rugged and enduring.


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