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Fastening and hardware

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about fastening and hardware

Do know what kinds of nails there are?

Steel rivets, aluminum rivets, copper rivets

Steel rivets, aluminum rivets, copper rivets “Parus-Metiz” produces steel rivets, aluminum rivets, copper rivets, semicircular cap rivets, flush rivets. The materials are used for making the rivets: steel 1, brass 63 ( GOST 12920), aluminum ,16T, copper T. Steel rivets can be produced in zinc-coated form; the packing: packets on 25 kg and 50 kg; the basic types of produced rivets:
1. semicircular cap rivets GOST 10299-80
2. flush rivets GOST 10300-80
3. flat-head rivets GOST 10303-80
According to the agreement with the client it is possible to produce rivets with the retreats from GOST (the diameter and the form of head, the diameter of rod , etc)


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