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Do know what kinds of nails there are?

Steel heat-treated (annealed) wire

Steel heat-treated (annealed) wireSteel low-carbon heat-treated wire of general purpose is made according to GOST 3282-74.

On the existing equipment the plant can make only black heat-treated wire (the dark surface with the slag) with the diameter of 1,8-6,0 mm.

Mechanical properties of the steel heat-treated wire for the diameters from 1,8 to 6,0 mm following:

  • tensile strength of 290-490 N/mm2 for all diameters;
  • percent elongation is not less than 15% for O of 1,6-2,5 mm;
  • percent elongation is not less than 20% for O more than 2,5 mm

“Parus-Metiz” makes the heat-treated wire in the skeins with weight to 100 kg. External diameter of skein is 700 mm, internal -530 mm. The example of reference designation of tempered, normal accuracy, black wire with the diameter of 2,0 mm: Wire 2,0-O- GOST 3282-74.

Wire is transported by all modes of transport in covered transport means with protection from mechanical damages and the entry of moisture, with the observance of rules of freighting, which apply to the relevant mode of transport.


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